By Review Ranking


5-Heart Review

“I loved it.”

This book was amazing in every way and most likely a life-changing read. I always recommend these to read to people, and these will most likely end up on my bookshelf.


4-Heart Review

“I really liked it.”

This book was worth the read and worth the time. It may not have been life-changing or a have-to on my bookshelf, but it won’t disappoint if you pick it up.


3-Heart Review

“I liked it.”

It was a good read, but it wasn’t amazing or particularly bad. It’s a good book to read if you’re looking for something casual to read or to pass time.


2-Heart Review

“It was okay.”

Almost not worth the read; nothing special about the book caught my attention or inspired great feelings. I don’t usually recommend these books.

1-Heart Review

“I did not like it.”

Something about this book turned me off. I did not like it and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone asking about it. Most of the time, these books go unfinished.

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