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French Reads Good Reads

It’s a well-known piece of advice among writers that in order to become a better writer, you need to read. And read lots. Read fiction, read nonfiction. Read mainstream content and read independent content. Read your favorites, but also read something new. And, in expanding your reading palette, you’ll write better.

I took that advice and created this blog, French Reads Good Reads, to both expand my reading palette and to become a better writer. As I write a review of each book I read off of my reading list, it gives me a better chance to look deeper into the books and see what the author was trying to convey with their story. And, if the story becomes a favorite of mine, it’s another way to learn how to make my writing better and what I can take away from it.

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French Reads Good Reads

---Marking my booklist off one book at a time---